Watering the flowers...


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— Digital field of flowers

A wide variety of plants and flowers can be found in the meadows of the Fichtelgebirge. Meadow gives an insight into this world.

You navigate across the page by pointing your fingers in the direction you want to turn the page.


The Trientalis europaea is a species of plant belonging to the Myrsine subfamily in the primrose family. It is also called the European seven-pointed star. Its name is derived from the white flowers with usually seven petals.


Arnica, also called mountain sage, is a plant species of the arnica genus within the daisy family. It thrives in the mountains of Europe and is a protected species.


The Drosera belongs to the sundew family. Characteristically, the leaves of the plants are covered with sticky glands that enable them to catch prey.


Meum athamanticum, also called mountain hogweed, is the only species of the monotypic plant genus Meum within the umbellifer family.